ABclubcircuit: Obliterations


The concert of Obliterations & Power Trip on 5/12 has been canceled !
This is the massage we received from the band :
"Due to unforeseen support opportunities Obliterations regret to inform you they are forced to postpone the upcoming Obliterations headline tour. Due to logistical and scheduling issues it would not be possible for the band to do both tours so the difficult decision was made to pospone the headline dates and return after the support slot. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for the support!"
All tickets will be reimbursed by your presale point. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience


Cheating (with music) is allowed on your 35th anniversary! AB will be slipping between the sheets with the ClubCircuit this coming party season, for a very exciting concert series.As of October ’14, the friends from 4AD, Democrazy, Cactus Muziekcentrum, De Kreun, De Zwerver, Nijdrop, Kultuurkaffee, N9, Petrol, Recyclart and VK will be coming to AB to celebrate, and arrive bearing a heap of wonderful concerts. AB will then be reciprocating, as good friends should, in the eleven clubs of the ClubCircuit. Artistic cross-pollination in the form of 22 concerts in various musical styles… But with one common theme: quality! 



Comprised of current and ex-members of Black Mountain, Saviours and Night Horse, Obliterations delivers a blazing blend of Poison Idea, Discharge, and Black Flag, set to a live show that wilfully incites and encourages one’s fire and passion to shine. Their debut album 'Poison Everything'recorded with producer Chris Owens (Lords, Coliseum, Young Widows) and mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, High On Fire, Black Breath), will see release on Southern Lord, October 27th. The end result of 'Poison Everything' is a thirteen-song, twenty-nine-minute record full of raw brutality, darkness and aggression, the album weaving its way through the annals of punk and hardcore, while still sounding fresh and vital. 


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Power Trip

Power Trip, a quintet out of Dallas, Texas, plays crossover, a mix of trash and harcore punk. With elements from Slayer, Leeway and Cro-Mags, this band is probably best seen live to understand. Their first LP Manifest Decimation was recorded/produced by Arthur Rizk (War Hungry, Mother of Mercy, Inquistion) and ensures maximum head-banging from the hordes. Get ready for some necessary circle pits!

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