Al'Tarba + Chill Bump

Al'Tarba & Dj Ni'xon (live band)

Boasting a ten-year career, having released five albums and two EP's, writer, composer and performer Al’Tarba has become a reference in the French speaking hip hop scene, both as a solo artist and a member of the Droogz Brigade.   In recent years, he has been working with the likes of Ill Bill and Raekwon.  Expect an eclectic mix of musical influences.     

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Chill Bump is a rap duo straight out of Tours, France. Bankal (Beatmaker) made a name for himself in the scratch battle scene while Miscellaneous (MC) is lead singer of Fumuj and Rytmétix and has already collaborated with Doctor Flake and Metastaz. Their trademark : sample-based beats shaped for versatile flows with a 100% DIY attitude.

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