Battle Beatz Vol. 2

Battle Beatz Vol. 2

As a beatmaker, creating or producing music is not enough to make yourself known. To go to meet the public or Mc's, you must circulate your music, create, disseminate, distribute, and promote your art. The purpose of Battle Beatz vol 2 is the exposure of new talents who have more than one trick up their sleeves. The best Beatmaker registrants will be selected to participate in the competition. The Battle will take place in two parts: The 1st is a compulsory sample and the 2nd will be in Head to head mode. Each producer will have two rounds of 1 minute to knock his/her opponent out and advance to the next level of the competition.


- Simon Le Saint: Possibly the best DJ/producer you've never heard of. With DJ skills extended from Hip Hop to Pop and House, this Mexico born Belgian already has a strong name in the night scene in Belgium. As a musician, he performed as a drummer for french artist Sebastien Tellier and was also spotted drumming and doing backing vocals behind Belgian Global Superstar Stromae.

- Exel Smim (R.A.B. - Solid VS Green)

- Substanz (Geometrik Record - Ex CNN)


- DJ Grazzhoppa:  He is a deadly assassin who cuts with ultimate speed and precision. His legend has spread worldwide, and he remains undefeated in battle. On a mountain top he sharpens and elevates his abilities to levels that are unmatched. Challengers are already dead.

- DJ G-Kuts: This artist and music producer, best known as Gangstakuts, emerged in the Brussels underground scene in the mid 90s. In a particular style in contrast with dull and repetitive loops or embroideries on Pro-Tools, Gangstakuts composes like a real musician directly on MPC or synthesizer. His influences go back to the old school but his sound world comes from the future.