Bledarte x 2240 Hz - Part 1

Bledarte Collective

Bledarte is a feminist artistic collective based in Brussel, including nine women of different nationalities. With their collective, they want to draw attention to minorities through art and culture.


La Sombrão

Lo is a group of artists based in Brussels, composed of 3 members: Jo Lyase, Ghosty and Jordan. Mixing Afro-Carribean sounds and hip-hop. This grouping is preparing its first project with 2240Hz, a label created by four childhood friends based in Etterbeek. 


Lio Brown

Lio Brown is a 25-year-old rapper based in Brussels, also signed under the label 2240Hz. Lio has been present in the rap scene in Brussels since 2011. With OPG and the Genius League, Lio Brown started of with trap, but this evolved to a rather eclectic style. 




Nawel is a young 18-year-old singer, she's the soft touch of the 2240Hz label. She grew up in the south of France and moved to Brussels a year ago. Nawel is preparing a project for this year, in an urban pop style with R&B and Raï influences.