Brunori Sas

Brunori Sas

Brunori Sas IS Dario Brunori. Born in 1977, he is a singer/songwriter from the province of Cosenza, which is located in the region of Calabria, in sunny Southern Italy. In 2009 he surfaced on the ever growing universe of the Italian songwriter, adopting the moniker, Brunori Sas. He then released his debut album,“Vol.1”, a real  Italian songbook, composed of simple yet direct songs, filtered through retro sounds and full of imaginary memories felt by the generation that today is in their 30's, therefore that lived in the 90's era. On February 4, 2014 -  the long awaited third album of unpublished songs is released: “Vol. 3 – Il Cammino di Santiago in Taxi”, followed shortly thereafter, in March by a new live, entitled “Il Cammino di Santiago in Tour”. The album receives unanimous acclaim from the critics. It is the most listened to album on Spotify's charts, it sits in fifth place in FIMI sales in Italy,  and it takes second place on I-Tunes. The album and Dario are also enthusiastically welcomed by a huge crowd that take part in the most numerous winter tour, creating a  full house and a series of sold outs in the most important clubs of Italy, in all of the major cities. Along with the tour “IL CAMMINO DI SANTIAGO IN TOUR” he sustains UNICEF'S campaign for the children of Syria, “No Lost Generation”.



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After debuting with “Nostalgina” which leads Bianco straight to the MTV DAYS in Turin, he begins a collaboration with his team of musicians from Turin. In just two years, he gained a series of successes and also wrote a second record entitled “Storia del Futuro”. Was guest on the italian TV, RAI program “Quelli che il calcio” and produced the revelation album for his friend Levante. Bianco also opened Niccolò Fabi and Max Gazze’s concerts. The new song by Bianco and Levante, “Corri Corri,” is now in rotation and anticipates his next record coming out soon. Could this be the formula adopted by songwriter Bianco for reeling off perfect pop songs ?

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