Dub Fx

Dub Fx

Blood, sweat & busking is how Dub Fx built his respected audience. Taking to the street 5 years ago with a Loop Station, a few coins and his talent, a friend along the way posted his street performances on Youtube. Instantly people have been enthralled by his story, nature & his unique way of creating music
Dub Fx is nowadays headlining major festivals all over the world, releasing a 2nd studio album thru a pledge campaign, making new Youtube videos, staying independent & playing on your local street corner. 



Red Eyes

Red Eyes are an upcoming bass music dj / producer duo (ft. X&Trick) based in Gent, Belgium. Originally formed as an electronica band with guest vocalists, after a while they decided to take their music into a new direction. Having a specific love for dubstep related music, it didn't take long before they found their new style. With upcoming releases on labels like Phantom Hertz (USA) and Bug Klinik (B) they are starting to take their music outside the studio walls.  Currently playing all over Belgium and Europe, and gaining support by international dj's, producers and dubstep heads, they are showing no sign of slowing down. 
Next to the usual dancefloor bangers, you can hear a wide electronic influence with bits of house, hiphop, drum'n'bass and electronica in their tunes. This results the unique and versatile sound of Red Eyes.

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Penkyx loops tracks with a Loopstation; he's a beatboxer, pianoplayer & singer

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