Final Flash + The Luyas

Final Flash + The Luyas

SoundBits: monthly sounds of the underground presented by Vk* concerts and Beursschouwburg at Beurskafee Brussels

Based in Montreal, FINAL FLASH is an emerging sixties psychedelia obsessed quintet who has rapidly made waves with their unique brand of psychedelic folk-rock. Final Flash bring the best bits of bands like The Byrds, Pink Floyd and Supertramp forward to form a wholly engrossing future psyche-rock. Their debut album 'Homeless' was produced by Jace Lasek of Besnard Lakes and hit the stores in May 2010 to widespread critical acclaim.

THE LUYAS is a Canadian indie rock band who uses an uncommon set of instruments featuring guitars, a French horn, piles of keyboards, drums, percussion and moodswinger (12-string electric zither). Their second album 'Too Beautiful to Work' was released on Dead Oceans.


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