SoundBits: monthly sounds of the underground presented by Vk* concerts and Beursschouwburg at Beurskafee Brussels.

GaBLé are without doubt one of the most exciting and innovative bands to emerge in recent years. Having spent the past year experimenting with a bizarre collection of odds and ends lying round their studio and home, they’ve created the fabulously eccentric and catchy album CuTe HoRSe CuT. Through their imaginative use of strange sounds and outlandish instruments, Gablé pulverise the barriers between genres with songs held together by melodies that epitomise their pop mastery. As far as their live shows go, you can’t get any more sensational. Samplers, recorders and a Hoover provide an invigorating backing to the melodic singing, explosive spluttering and just plain daft blurts of these intriguing Frenchmen (and woman).

From the medieval and postmodern corners of Brussels come BRNS, a mesmerizing experiment in dusk, dance, and the fullness of sound. Like the dark-yet-vibrant images of Brussles artist Yardz, this quartet of talented multi-instrumentalists weaves together tunes that are mystical, moody and insatiably catchy. From the visceral and danceable 'Mexico', to the choir echoes turned pulsating anthem of 'Here Dead He Lies', BRNS is ceaseless in their ability to unfold haunting ambience into chest-pounding beats, and then back again. If you are a fan of anything from Animal Collective to Fugazi, allow BRNS access into your inner sanctum (and party playlist)."


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BRNS, Dj Youri Margarine