In the UK, 26-year old rapper Giggs has created a myth-like status for himself. With over 100.000 sold mixtapes, millions of online streams, and collabs with household artists like B.O.B., Waka Flocka, Stormzy and Drake, Giggs is widely touted as one of the UK's hottest properties. His unique, lazy flow and laboured wordplay trancend race, age and social boundaries. All this while preserving a legendary street credibility.




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Something of an uderground king since at least early 2012, when his banging "Rage" hit the London street corners, Suspect has delivered vivid tales of the trap with real craft, injecting some much-needed lyricism to the somewhat saturated arena.
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Lord Gasmique

Brussels-based wordsmith with a love for heavy toned delivery, nonsensical lyrical output and thrilling appearances.

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Nag is Antwerp's most infamous rapper/producer/DJ, known from the Eigen Makelij and Team Panini collect. Teaming up with Brussels' finest DJ LeFtO, he recently released EP 'Circels' on the Frontal platform.


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