Hempress Sativa

Hempress Sativa

Hempress Sativa is a multi-faceted Jamaican artist. She's young, she's talented and she's propelling Jamaican music into the future, maintaining a strong foundation that makes her music timeless. With expressive writing skills and sharpened delivery, she catches the attention and respect of the audience and has the ability to keep all listening. Less then a year after her first show in Europe at Reggaegeel, we welcome her at VK.

"My Muzik is peculiar and I don't anticipate Everyone to like My Muzik ... for my Muzik deviates from What is standard, normal or expected", she says, but we know we can expect a vibrant show! We're excited!

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Camel's Drop

Old friends meet again to play some awesome reggae music with talented young people!

Camel’s Drop is a reggae collective with ex-members of The Skyblasters and Jaman!, two bands defining the Belgian reggae-scene in the last decennia of the past century, amplified with two young talents Thomas Dhazed and Maimouna Rachels.