Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect started their career as a cover band, before starting writing their own songs.  In 2015 they appeared on the scene with a bang:  their debut studio album Mister Asylum, got the band a Grammy nomination.  In 2016,  their sophomore album The Boy Who Cried Wolf confirmed.  For fans of Kings Of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age, Velvet Revolver. 



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Welles' genre? Dirge: "somber songs or laments expressing mourning or grief, such as would be appropriate for performance at a funeral." Their music lies somewhere between dark psychedelic garage rock 'n' roll and melancholic pop, but doesn't always sound as dark as it seems when Welles' catchy melodies find a way to your ears.

"It's neither emo nor theatrical - just very matter-of-fact rock that fits nicely alongside the early works of Bob Dylan and The Flaming Lips."

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