Joy Slam: album release 'L'art de la joie'

Joy Slam album release

Joy Slam

On International Women's day, Joy Slam is presenting her album, filled with feministic slam poetry. On this day women are filling the stage. Come over and enjoy film, music and dialogue.

Joy Slam album release
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Marie-Louise Sibazuri

Marie-Louise Sibazuri, Belgian of Burundian descent, is an allround artist passionate about poetry, dance and traditional songs. She is author-playwright, creates educational videograms and is engaged in safeguarding the rights of woman and children. Finally, she is a certified trainer in non-violent communication for fifteen years.




Marie-Charlotte Tatepo

Marie-Charlotte Tatepo Ngonde is a young Belgian entrepreneur of Cameroon origin. She works as a communication advisor and digital project manager. She is also chairman of Renaissance Africaine asbl, which is the basis of 'Afropreneur Belgium'. An initiative to unite, educate, inform and promote African entrepreneurs in the Diaspora and Africa.


Soraya Milla

French, with Benin-Cameroonian origins, Soraya Milla grew up between France and Ivory Coast, and in this cultural interlacing she studied Performing Arts at the University of Paris X, which she completed with a movie director's formation at the IAD and reinforced by a master of production at INA in Paris. During her studies, her eyes are already upon society, who constitutes her internal and external identity.



Joëlle Sambi

Joëlle Sambi is a writer and LGBT activist. She writes and raises questions about belonging and identity. She masters several languages ​​and her writings bear the traces. She lives on the border and the oddities of her language lead to her writings, from poetry to slam.