Juicy Release party


The ladies, who provide pure girl power on stage, are described as the most anti-authoritarian R&B duo in Brussels and surroundings. it will be an evening full of madness and rebellion.

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Darrell Cole

Artist/rapper from Antwerp. Learning everything he could from the best around him, he has developed his own style and flow that helped him make his mark in Belgian hip hop. He seamlessly mixes the sound of the Golden Era with the brand new trap elements of modern day hip-hop. In 2013 he made his first in-house album: Uncut Diamond.


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Lefto is a DJ and producer, forever moving forward but always got an ear in the past. He's famed for his eclectic DJ sets and switches effortlessly between genres.


Commander Spoon

The foursome behind Commander Spoon interlaces their eclectic wealth of influences into an energetic jazz sound.

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