Keith & Tex

Keith & Tex

Keith & Tex and Steadytones

Keith Rowe and Tex Dixon, better known as Keith & Tex, have not been active for a very long time (1967-1970) when they started their musical career in the midst of the jamaican rocksteady. Yet they have left us mostly classic songs which have been covered and revisited countless times. Even if you are not a hardcore reggae fanatic, you probably have heard “Stop that train” or “Tonight” before, which they recorded as teenagers in 1967. Reunited since 2013, they have started to compose music again and produced two new albums, sticking to the rocksteady sound they are so good at. Make sure not to miss their first show ever in Brussels !

It's been two years since the Steadytones released their debut album "Heavy Impact" and mastered numerous stage appearances throughout almost all of Europe. You can truly say they earned their spurs as backing band of quite a few vintage reggae artists and carried their "explosive reggay" sound far beyond the German borders. After intensive collaborations with highly influencial vocalists of the genre like Stranger Cole and Doreen Shaffer, the band distinctly matured and emerged in their playing. The 5 headed rhythm hydra consisting of drums, bass, two guitars and the breathtaking, boneshaking and booming organ roar is topped by 3 male voices in the manner of a classical rocksteady vocal trio. The edgy funky early reggae grooves combined with twangy guitars and more soulful features take you back to the musical age of the 60's. 

Keith & Tex
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Flying Platane Circus

The Flying Platane Circus is a beast with multiple heads. Gig organisers, tour managers, small scale music distributors and last but surely not least : sound system selecters. Still, all the beast's heads look in the same direction : SKA from its early foundations in rythm and blues through all the different revivals it had as well as other genres derived from it, be it soulful roots reggae or the hardest punk. Flying Platane stands for Skank'n'Roll since 2005.