Nosaj Thing (live)

Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing is an American electronic musician who crafts stately, ethereal, synth-based instrumental hip-hop, with influences that range from Boards of Canada and DJ Shadow to Danny Elfman and Erik Satie. Chung contributed beats to MCs Busdriver, Nocando, and Kendrick Lamar, and made remixes for Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Radiohead, and Smell staples Health. After releasing highly acclaimed albums "Drift" (2009) & "Home" (2013), the man is back his second album on Innovative Leisure, "Fated"If comparisons previously existed with other artists within the LA beat scene, Nosaj has rendered them baseless, and seeks celestial escape through streamlining. 

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Avondlicht is the brainchild of the young Antwerp producer Matthias Dziwak, who tells his story with abstract, dark rhythms and gentle, glowing synths. His first EP, titled 'Blossom', was released earlier this year and showed his towering potential.

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