Pipolass 10th Anniversary

Pipolass 10th Anniversary

In order to celebrate their 10th anniversary, "Pipolass" invites their main influences to share the stage with them  : the unbelievable Japanese live beatmaker "KEIZOmachine!" from "Hifana" and "NETIK", the french turntablist genius, 3x DMC World Champion.



Originator of finger drumming in Japan. A member of full manual breakbeats unit HIFANA.They're doing around the world to Live Show without any programming, sound and video are synchronized. Mix all genres in the DJ solo. Killer Play full Live feeling that make full use effects, scratch, the pad features. Also, the world-renowned percussion of West Africa, as well as a virtuoso of Asarato. 

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DJ Netik

Three times DMC World champion, Netik is one of the most important character from the turntablist scene over the 15 past years.
 Virtuoso scratch DJ and amazing party rocker, his musicianship and his outstanding technique allow him to create memorable DJ sets between Hip Hop and Bass Music.

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Padawin creates powerful music that can't be categorized, cradled by Hip Hop beats, Jazz samples, tutti from orchestras, mystérious synths ... Close your eyes and let yourself be seduced by this imaginary soundtrack, body and soul vibrating in unison.

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Mochélan Zoku

Supported by the musicians from his "Zoku", MC Mochélan is bringing his strength and his very own musical outlook into this brand new live formula which blends acoustic (Bass / Drums) and electronic (Live beatmaking) sounds.

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Skillz Machine

Composed of Eb Kaito and TMB, Skillz Machine is the duo you’ve seen winning belgian DMC and IDA battles since 2010. The duo is now looking to put their skills to work for clubs and party rockers with four turntables DJ sets mixing Hip Hop, Turntablism and heavy Bass music.

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Turntablist and beatmaker involved in numerous projects, Fabot will come to play his upcoming EP. Somewhere between Trip-Hop and Bass Music, he's developing a dark and epic universe, cradled by powerful and sophisticated grooves.

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Remon Jr.

Live beatmaker swinging between Hip Hop and Bass Music, Remon Jr will make you thrill with his lithe fingers on the pads and his impressive musical culture : Jazz, Electro, Funk and many more ...

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Révérend D.

As comfortable with his original Hip Hop, Electronica and Soundtracks roots as with heavy Bass Music, Reverend D. know how to make an explosive DJ set and transforms his performances into unexpected avalanche of strong tunes and crazy drops.



Larry Tmik

Larry Tmik is an artist with so many influences, Jazz and Funk above all. But he likes to trad his drums against turntables, distilling then eclectic DJ mixes full of Scratch, Pads and Beat Juggling.



1998 DMC France champion, "Boom Bap" specialist and outstanding turntablist, Self will bring you into a journey through the truest Hip Hop music.