On-Point Label Night (Museum Night Fever)

The Essence

The Essence is a producerduo/band, formed early 2013. The collective is composed of members dj SNS and JtotheC and released their debut EP as a free download, their 92bluh track however is released on vinyl, on the On-Point SummerSampler 12inch (http://on-point.be/op11).

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Big Whoop

Big Whoop is a rocky ride through an eclectic landscape packed with hidden corners... tunes you may recognize, or may not... you never know what's coming at ya! Big Whoop, wanna fight about it?'

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Not unlike a B-film monster, Seiren([sajrən], like "siren") was first conceived after an experiment gone horribly right. The producer/pianist from Ghent (Belgium) started out recording his own voice and messing up the recordings in Audacity around the age of fifteen. The distorted outcome is now rotting away on an unknown hard disk laying in the cellar, never to see the light of day again.

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Billy Palmier

Exploring anything from sunshine boogie to straight-up melodic house, Brussels-based Billy Palmier is building one solid discography aiming straight for the dancefloors. From Infinite State Machine’s Best-of-2013 (http://infinitestatemachine.com/2013/12/18/pipecocks-picks-for-2013/): 
"Sounding kind like Andres mixed with Dam-Funk, Billy Palmier has created a record that takes in funk, boogie, and house in equal measure, and recombines them into something fresh, funky, and musical. If he keeps this kind of thing up, I am sure people will start to take notice. Until then, this is strictly for those who keep real love vibes in their lives."

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Jazz Neversleeps

Brussels-based Jazz Neversleeps has proven to be one bass heavy monster, and is known for excessive genre-hopping that explores all corners of the dancefloor. His first two releases, signed by On-Point, and a third one coming up, gained support from the likes of Omar S, Moodymann, Charles Webster, San Soda, Om Unit and Tom Trago. Heavy tracks such as ‘Diepgank’, are played in renowned clubs like Berlin’s Berghain.

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Dj SNS has been part of the On-Point tribe since its early beginnings. Besides being a dj he is also member of The Bad Mothas, backing up JtotheC on the live shows and together they recently released their first EP as The Essence.

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Brusselse Museumraad, BELvue Museum