Polski Rap Festival Bruksela 2017

Polski Rap Festival Bruksela 2017

Het Polski Rap Festival Bruksela brengt je het beste wat de Poolse hiphop op dit moment te bieden heeft. 

De Poolse hiphopscene begon vorm te krijgen tijdens de vroege jaren '90 dankzij de groeiende populariteit van Amerikaanse rap. Tegenwoordig bewandelt de Poolse hiphop meer internationale paden met samenwerkingen met artiesten uit alle uithoeken van de wereld. 

Zet je schrap voor opzwepende beats, briljante samples en de meest aandoenlijke Poolse lyrics op 29 april in de VK!

Early Bird Tickets: 30€ (beperkt aantal)




Hades is a 31-year-old rapper from Warsaw who began his career in 1999 as a member of Polish hip hop formations HiFi Banda and RH-.  His music embodies a modern fusion of hip hop and electronics with an emphasis on the Detroit and Cali scene. Hades is known for his unusual voice, striking lyrics and modest personality. His third solo album 'Swiattlo' was released on the 27th of January 2017 and was fully produced by the Dutch producers of Killing Skills. 'Swiattlo' became an instant success in Poland, selling over more than thousands of records. 

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WSRH is a hip hop duo from Poznań. The group was formed in 2001 by Słoń and Shellerini. After producing two illegal albums, the official release of their first studio album Szkoła wyrzutków  in 2012 was a huge success. After the release of Szkoła wyrzutkówSłoń and Shellerini embarked on different projects and solo adventures. Four years later, in the Fall of 2016, they released a new EP called Świt. Świt is the first part of their trilogy project called Czarne Słońce ("Black Sun"). WSRH is making their come back on stage at VK with new uncompromising hardcore rap mixed with horrorcore. 

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Thanks to his strong vocals and heavily rhymed lyrics, donGURALesko is one of the most popular rappers in Poland. In his music he creates a great balance between classic and modern sounds. His specific way of rapping, called braggadocio, can be heard on his seventh solo album Magnum Ignotium: Preludium, which is full of great hits. As a member of the Polish The Killaz Group, Kasta Sklad en PDG Kartel and as the publisher chief of Spazydor Records, donGURALesko prooved that he is a talented rapper.
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Joe Kickass

As producer/Emcee out of Amsterdam, Joe Kickass brings Old Skool in High Definition. Together with his trusted teammates Killing Skills he delivers Hiphop with a positive message. His live shows are energetic and dynamic and a pleasure for everyone that loves Hiphop. He has co-operated with O.S.T.R from Poland and many more.

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Kaliber 44

The band was formed in 1994. The pioneers and legend of Polish hip-hop, one of the most important representatives of the genre.
Kaliber 44 released 4 albums: "The book of mystery. Prologue ", referred as the precursor of hardcore psychorap in Poland," In 63 minutes around the world "," 3:44 " and the latest "A fraction of friction". Each album is different, each represents the next stage of group development, which has released an impressive list of timeless tracks. First time they are going to perform in Belgium, great opportunity to see the Polish Rap legend on VK stage in Brussel. 

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