Prefuse 73


Prefuse 73 (Guillermo Scott Herren), is a hip-hop and electronic producer/artist, currently based in New York City. Herren releases his music under various aliases, most notably Prefuse 73, Delarosa and Asora, Piano Overlord and Ahmad Szabo. He also performs with Eva Puyuelo Muns in a duo known as Savath & Savalas. He began his career DJing at MJQ, a small night club in Atlanta, and then began working in commercial studios but soon branched out into his own music. In 2016, he is planning to release new material on Lex Records.

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Solo700, co-founder of Cosmic pop records, is a Brussels based Hip-Hop Producer strongly influenced by the modern beat scene and artists such as Knxwledge, Mndsgn or Dibiase. Working with his MPC2000, he try to mix up some jazz, soul and funk samples with some more electronic sounds and some "off-beat" drums. After two collaboration with Shungu & Dr. Blaster on cosmic pop, he just released his first solo album on the label and will take you for a ride into his cosmic universe.