GLÜ are a hybrid organism created from machinery and instruments, pedals and triggers.

Connected by kilometers of cables, these four musicians mix electro, drum & bass and break-core to create a vivid world, populated by sidereal creatures, analogue shouts and acid lush flora.

Known as one of the most crowd-uplifting bands of the Brussels scene, GLÜ enlist all the bodies involved to sculpt live twilight parties in which the legacy of Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Holden are crossed over.

Packing a VJ, GLÜ deliver a dark and blazing trance, an irresistible ball of energy propelled with Kryptonite.


The 6th of May is also the release date of GLÜ's vinyl album called Three. Fans who have already ordered their copy of the album through crowdfunding can pick it up before, during and after the concerts at VK. 


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Before Tigers (f.k.a. Squeaky Lobster)

Brussels' Squeaky Lobster distills the essence and warmth of machines into digital mayhem. For the past five years, the man born Laurent Delforge has been serving up a heady mix of hip hop infused by sampling, loose beats and a love of the low end, recording for local mavericks VLEK and playing live in Europe, the USA and Mexico. Recently, he's spent his time working on new and sometimes radical material, in addition to feeding his collaboration with Romain Tardy on huge, critically acclaimed A/V installations and scoring several hi-profile contemporary dance pieces.

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Johnny Superglu

Former metal guitar player Quentin Hanon started making acid, techno and belgian beat music after he swapped his guitare for some analogue audio equipment in 2010. Rambo Village (2015)  is his second album release on the label Plynt, following his album Best Basket Beat (2013). Being his darkest work to date, Rambo Village is mysterious, hypnotic and infused with the post-industrial spirit of his hometown, Charleroi. 

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OKON & The Movement brings music full of groove, soul, hip hop, funk en jazz. This 6-piece collective saw the light of day when the bandmembers met at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. With her amazing voice vocalist Judith Okon takes center stage and is supported by The Movement, consisting of band members Lukas Somers, Boris Van Overschee, Louis Evrard, Sep François en David Thomaere. The vast array of influences that each individual brings to the table, results in a tasteful palette of possibilities and inspiration. Relying on everyone’s voice and colours, rough ideas are being molded into songs: deeply rooted in improvisation, grafted onto Soul and freed in beats. OKON can loosely be translated into: ”born in the clamor of the night”.

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