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Dalsim alias Ikali Kevin made his debut in Brussels, in the Matonge neighbourhood more precisely. He created the label BLAPS MUZIK and is the main artist. He got discovered with his first clip 'Art du bitume', which was released at the end of 2009. His first project 'Anarchy Empire of the Street' followed in October 2012 and was a great succes in the Belgian hiphopscene. In the following years he released 'Haram Money' and 'Yoga Fire'. Now it's time for his fourth project 'QFLTAN'.

Dalsim invites:

David Kawende
Bv Bv
Shottas Forman De Guerre
Del Pao Shottas
Simon Libouton
D.M.P aka kameleon style
Johnny Deff
Aga Gucci
Capitain Kms Hony
Ryad El Boudakhani
Kiden Play

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