Stand High Patrol

Stand High Patrol

The story begins in 2000 in Britany (France). Two guys decide to create a sound system with the aim of sharing their common passion for roots reggae and early digital. Rootystep (selecta) and Mac Gyver (operator) begin to collect records and purchase music equipment. They are quickly joined by Pupajim who becomes the MC, the singer and the dub builder. The identity of Stand High comes from the unique voice of its singer and also from the singular style of his dub. Over the years the sound has developed a particular style integrating a set of personal and eclectic influences to his dub. This style, named “Dubadub”, is defined as a subtle blend of dub, dubstep, and digital reggae. When Stand High Patrol runs a session, it’s always rough and dynamic! Pupajim sings and animates while his dubs are reinterpreted by Mac Gyver and Rootystep. Rootystep runs the selection and also acts on frequencies with a preamp.

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DJ Pozi Le Foulek

Pozi le Foulek is a DJ from Rennes, France.  Disc collector,  friends with Stand High Patrol,  I.Skankers, Legal Shot, radiohost.  Influenced by Jah Shaka, Jah Tubby’s, Aba shanti…