Unfortunately we have to announce that the concert of Talib Kweli has been cancelled. Due to circumstances independant of VK concerts and Back In The Dayz, we are not able to welcome Talib Kweli at the VK in Brussels tonight. The artist had some difficulties with the flight that would have brought him to Brussels...We ask the audience to excuse us for this unfortunate event and urge everybody to help us spread the news. All bought tickets will be refunded of course at your presale point.


Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli Greene (meaning ‘the seeker’ in Arabic or ‘student of truth and knowledge’) is an American hip hop artist known as one of the most prominent rappers in underground hip-hop. Critically acclaimed frequently, despite not being commercially successful. As a youth, he was drawn to Afrocentric rappers, such as De La Soul and other members of the Native Tongues Posse. Later Kweli joined forces with fellow MC Mos Def and gained recognition through the album/project 'Black Star'Talib Kweli is also known for his strong political views and activism, including on the topics of racial stereotypes and police brutality. 

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  • No dualities for these guys but a triunity, functioning as a perfect structure to present Hip-Hop as it was meant to be. The two verbal constituents of the group, MC JaJa and MC Samoerai, had been working on tracks together for quite some time. The dj being the backbone of Hip-Hop, they knew they had to collaberate with a master on the wheels of steel to complete their project. This is where King D, the dj, enters the setting. In December 2011 Jayeness released their first EP called “Back 2 the Basics”. Their boombap beats, funky flows and energetic delivery caught the attention of many undergound Hip Hop heads and artists, but also got quite some recognition from artists and promoters outside the hiphopscene. Their latest tracks “Trip through your mind”, “The Tribe” feat. Aminah and “The Cure” can be found on the Phatmark Collective album “Friends, Fools & Family”. They are working on new material at the moment, to be released in 2014/2015.



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Azer got hit by hip hop hearing a dj spin A Tribe Called Quest on a local radio station during hip hop’s golden age, the nineties. Ever since that moment hip hop stood at the center of his musical universe, leading to his love for jazz, funk, soul, afrobeat and all types of bass and electronic oriented groovesToday, with more than 10 years of dj experience, great insight in the latest tracks and deep knowledge of music reaching back to the 70’s, Azer can take people on an eclectic trip both during a one hour set as well as a 7 hour all nighter.