Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions

Robyn Chaos and Dylan started Therapy Sessions in 2003 as their answer to the ever-growing demand for darker and more eclectic styles of drum and bass on the UK party scene. Their recipe consists of a handful of the most skilled UK artists, a sprinkle of international talent, quality sounds and an intimate setting, all at a reasonable price. Therapy Sessions proved to be the remedy we were all looking for, as artists and crowds alike showed their support. Belgium was ready for it

line up
LIMEWAX /ukr/ru/ (LB, Freak, Obscene)
DIGITAL /uk/ (Red Letter LP tour, Function, Timeless)
OUTRAGE /uk/ (Red Letter LP tour, Metalheadz, Function, Commercial Suicide)
DLUX b2b KAYTODAD /be/ (Nasty Trickz)
AIR-J b2b SINECORE /be/ (Antichristus, Cyba Drum, Waiside)
DJ WASP /be/ (Therapy Sessions Belgium)
RHUMBLE /be/ (Therapy Sessions Belgium, Evil Beats, Independenza)


Limewax,Digital,Outrage,Wasp,Rhumble,DLUX b2b Kaytodad