Anchorsong has gained international acclaim for his unique live shows. Many people describe Anchorsong’s performances as "like watching a painter draw on a white canvas", as he creates electronic music completely live using a MPC2500 sampler and a keyboard right in front of the crowd. While he mainly performs solo, he frequently expands his setup with a string quartet for a truly mesmerizing show. Anchorsong’s second LP Ceremonial was released in January 2016. In this record, he blends traditional and modern music with a richly textured tapestry of outward-looking sounds. Ceremonial won the support from tastemakers such as Lauren Laverne, Tom Ravenscroft, and Steve Lamacq. 

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Daisuke Tanabe is a producer from Chiba, Japan. The former art student has lived and worked in London for some years and is currently based in Tokyo. Originally coming from a techno/breakbeat background, Daisuke has developed his own production style, resulting in a distinctive sound in which hip hop, electronica, folk and jazz come together. During his time in the UK, he produced for Gilles Peterson's famous Brownswood label and performed together with Zero DB and other leading lights in the UK breakbeat scene. On a recent Japan tour with French hip hop instrumentalist ONRA, Daisuke once again knew to thrill the crowd with his unique blend of jazz, electronica and hip hop. During his live performances, Daisuke combines his instrumental tracks with hip hop acappellas and creates an extraordinary eclectic atmosphere.

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Ametsub is a Tokyo-based producer with a fascination for polar exploration, Iceland and the Arctic Circle. In 2012, Ametsub released his third studio album All is Silence and it got massive response from across the world. Ametsub's music can be described as a succession of drifting melodies that resemble an endless trip. The soundscape Ametsub creates is inspired by his infatuation with the Arctic and aurally mirrors spectacular pieces of nature and the solemn horizon of those landscapes. It's Ametsub's strong individuality and remarkable soundscape that set him apart from any other musician, broadening a worldwide fan base. 

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