Irie Nation

24/7 POSITIVE VIBES, That’s our MOTTO and our MISSION : spreading positive reggae and dancehall music on the African Motherland and promoting it worldwide!
The sound system was created by Dj Ludo in 2003. Originally from Belgium, he’s spent more than five years in West Africa (Senegal and Mauritania but mostly Gambia). He realized that there was a great need for conscious music and also for quality sound systems.

After a few years, Irie Nation had become one of Gambia’s top sound systems. The Irie movements was doing great, linking with Gambian soundmen from all areas. 

SINCE APRIL 2008, Dj Ludo had to return to Belgium for particular reasons and the sound’s on pause in Gambia. In Belgium, Irie Nation’s getting very active. Still organising or playing dances in Belgium, France and Holland. Promoting Gambian artists in Europe and worldwide. Recording interviews for KWT radio FM

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