• No dualities for these guys but a triunity, functioning as a perfect structure to present Hip-Hop as it was meant to be. The two verbal constituents of the group, MC JaJa and MC Samoerai, had been working on tracks together for quite some time. The dj being the backbone of Hip-Hop, they knew they had to collaberate with a master on the wheels of steel to complete their project. This is where King D, the dj, enters the setting. In December 2011 Jayeness released their first EP called “Back 2 the Basics”. Their boombap beats, funky flows and energetic delivery caught the attention of many undergound Hip Hop heads and artists, but also got quite some recognition from artists and promoters outside the hiphopscene. Their latest tracks “Trip through your mind”, “The Tribe” feat. Aminah and “The Cure” can be found on the Phatmark Collective album “Friends, Fools & Family”. They are working on new material at the moment, to be released in 2014/2015.



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