Elastica were a Britpop band formed in London, England in 1992 and made up of: Justine Frischmann (vocals and guitar), Donna Matthews (guitar and vocals), Annie Holland (bass), and Justin Welch (drums). Later members included Shelia Chipperfield (bass), Dave Bush (keyboards), Paul Jones (guitar), and Mew (keyboards and vocals). Their first single was 1993’s “Stutter”, which was a word-of-mouth hit largely due to the promotional efforts of Radio 1 DJ and Deceptive Records label boss Steve Lamacq.

-London-based band Kinky Machine, formed in 1990 by vocalist/guitarist Louis Elliot, guitarist John Bull, bassist Malcolm Pardon and drummer Julian Fenton. They were inspired by glam rock and released two albums on MCA, including their self-titled debut ‘Kinky Machine’ in 1993, and ‘Bent’ in 1995, which featured new bassist Nick Powell. They split in 1995, and a new band Rialto formed in their ashes headed by Louis Elliott. John Bull has since written songs for Lily Allen’s album ‘Alright, Still’.


Kinky Machine