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Mukambo's Afro-Groove Sessions: London Afrobeat Collective

London Afrobeat Collection

If, as the great Fela Kuti once said, ‘music is the weapon’, then you’ll need to wear armour to withstand the full sonic force of London Afrobeat Collective. This politicised party machine is an incendiary live act that channels the spirit of afrobeat via bass-heavy rhythms guaranteed to make you groove. LAC’s take on Fela’s original blueprint remains traditional but includes modern injections of raw funk, Latin and even dubstep, all glued together by bold brass and dancefloor sweat. Having been at the forefront of London’s live music circuit and attracting a plethora of international bookings following their self titled debut L.A.C, the 10-piece collective set out to encapsulate the energy generated during their live performances and combine this with a newly evolved songwriting ability and refined musical prowess on 'Food Chain’ (2016), the second album from London Afrobeat Collective.'Food Chain' is an album of anthemic songs with socially conscious lyrics, set to bold brass lines and hypnotic danceable grooves, keeping true to the original principles of the Afrobeat movement and paving the way for its future as a unique and exciting genre to be heard and enjoyed globally.'Food Chain’ cements LAC's reputation as one of the most unique and exciting bands in the UK today, having created a highly accomplished work with international flair that’s culturally relevant from London to Lagos.

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