Riso Patate 'n' Folk

In the beginning was a recipe, where rice (“riso”) is involved in some strange business with potatoes (“patate”) and mussels (“cozze”). The scene is Bari, a land famous for its passion for iced Peroni, to be consumed in large quantities and especially on Sundays at lunchtime. And then Riso Patate‘n’ Folk formed in Brussels in December 2010. An overwhelming need of a group of Italian expat friends triggered the birth of this project. The need to experience the essence of popular traditions from Apulia and to spread them around through music and food. During their gigs Riso Patate’n’ Folk tell the daily life of Apulian people, sing stories once told in little towns’ historical centres, describe the identity of people who have never forgot the good flavours of life in spite of poverty and hunger.